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In 2007, the EPA enacted new regulations for heavy-duty diesel trucks that mandated a 90 percent reduction in allowable particulate matter exhaust emissions. In order to meet these emissions standards, commercial vehicle manufacturers began installing heavy and expensive, but delicate, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) that are susceptible to engine movement and vibration. In order to protect the treatment systems from this movement and vibration, Tru-Flex created a line of high-performance exhaust bellows.

Trucks built from 2007 forward include exhaust bellows, however, many of these trucks are now out of warranty and when the exhaust bellows fails it will need to be replaced. Replacing these parts with a non-bellows solution results in decreased performance, more frequent failures, and increased downtime as a result of those failures. To address these concerns, Tru-Flex now offers a line of exhaust bellows replacement kits for the aftermarket. These products are designed to meet or exceed the durability and performance of original parts.

In extensive engineering validation tests, Tru-Flex found that our replacement bellows exceeded the industry standard due to our unique, multi-layer construction that includes:

  • Smooth-flow liner
  • Sturdy, but flexible, leak-proof liner
  • Vibration dampening mesh

Tru-Flex Exhaust Bellows Kits

We make it easy to service any original equipment with a line of Exhaust Bellows Replacement Kits for all makes of North American heavy-duty trucks. These convenient kits are installation ready, warranted for one year with unlimited mileage, and can be branded to your company’s specifications. Each kit includes:

  • A Bellows
  • Clamps
  • Gaskets
  • Pipes (if required)
  • Simple to follow instructions

Check out our product lineup:

Our replacement kits are designed to make repairs and maintenance easy and to keep drivers on the road rather than in the shop. Let us design problem-solving aftermarket kits that will generate sales for you.

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