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The TRU-FLEX Story

You came to TRU-FLEX for one thing, and you got another.

That’s what happens to a lot of customers. They come to us from around the world for flexible hoses used in  industrial or exhaust applications, but they leave with much more: superior technical support, engineering expertise, custom-designed solutions, trust and open communications, and more than six decades of hard-earned insight and experience.

Isn’t that what you expect from a supplier?

Since 1962, TRU-FLEX has been designing and manufacturing flexible metal hose. We are a proven industry leader because of an unwavering commitment to quality, customer service, on-time delivery; best-in-class engineering resources; and innovative design. We also build our own manufacturing equipment which gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors and results in unique customer-focused solutions.

We are everywhere you are

Did you know that one of every two semi-tractors on the road today contains a TRU-FLEX product? Additionally, with concerns for air quality growing, many off-highway machines contain our innovative, emission-controlling flexible hoses. From our engineered product line that includes patented products such as zero-leak torsional bellows, zero-leak Power Flex® and TFL-SSS, to standard strip-wound interlock hoses, our capability to manufacture engineered exhaust components is endless.

TRU-FLEX is also well represented in other industries that count on flexible hoses to contain, control, protect, or transfer a variety of materials. Those products include crush-proof hoses for moving grains, plastic pellets, wood chips, and other dry materials; heat-resistant duct-work and chimney liner; and flexible hoses that protect less durable tubing or electronics. We do it all.

With a strong emphasis on customer needs, TRU-FLEX is proud to serve clients from small businesses to large corporations located all over the world.

Join us in creating the next opportunity

With our deep engineering and technical resources, we are uniquely prepared to be your innovative partner.

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