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Stamping and Assembly

TRU-FLEX Stamping & Assembly has three decades of experience providing metal stamping and assembly services to Tier 1 automotive suppliers. Our products are found across the vehicle, including in critical systems that demand tight tolerances and stainless-steel stamping knowledge.

How We Work

Through three decades of stamping experience, we have built a level of flexibility within our business that allows us to produce high-quality stampings across a range of sizes, products, and applications.

  • This enables us to do more for our customers: from producing multiple parts per vehicle, building exhaust system components, or taking on tough assembly jobs.
  • Our approach is focused on delivering the same reliable quality no matter the customer need, while maximizing time and tooling to deliver real value.
  • We maintain our commitment to best-in-class performance through a motivated team, unparalleled dedication to the customer, and technology investments focused on efficiency and material cost savings.

Proven Stamping Foundation

Our legacy is built on expert stainless-steel stamping capabilities – a metal that demands engineering know-how to meet close tolerances. We are leveraging that foundation to meet our customers’ stamping needs across the vehicle.

  • Our customers know us as a leader in exhaust system components, delivering the performance and reliability required to meet demanding emissions specifications. We can stamp nearly any system component.
  • Our process engineering and quality expertise go beyond stainless steel and exhaust systems to a multitude of on-vehicle stamped metal components.
  • Our diverse stamping capabilities, combined with in-house fabrication and assembly, allows us to do more for our customers by bringing multiple processes under the same roof.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities differentiate us from traditional stamping houses, allowing us to offer a diverse set of high-quality stamped and assembled products at a range of volumes.

  • We take quality seriously, adhering to a rigorous advanced product quality planning process (APQP) to ensure every final product meets customer specifications.
  • As part of a network of companies serving Tier 1 and OEM customers in the automotive and commercial vehicle markets, we can partner with you from prototype through low- to high-volume production.
  • We know customers rely on our products for critical applications, motivating us to continuously improve our internal processes and upgrade our capabilities.


Overall Stamping Capabilities

  • Press capacity from 85t to 800t
  • Progressive, automated transfer and hand-transfer dies
  • In-house die maintenance
  • In-line part washing capability
  • Experience with 300s/400s stainless, aluminized stainless, and HR/CR steels

Prima Rapido 3000-Watt Fiber Cutting Laser

  • Multi-Axis cutting
  • Tube cutting

Fabrication Processes

  • In-house automation
  • Automated error proofing
  • Automated resistance welding
  • Resistance welding
  • Automated assembly
  • Leak testing
  • Secondary press operations

Program Management and Launch

To ensure a successful launch, each TRU-FLEX project is assigned a cross functional team. The team leader serves as the key point of contact for our customer for all aspects of the project, from initial planning through ongoing supply chain management.

Our Program Management Process includes:

  • A detailed project plan
  • Weekly assessment of project status ad milestones
  • APQP meetings with customers and suppliers
  • Accuracy and capability of all sub-processes and fixtures tied to customer print datums
  • Rigorous design review and sign-off process of tooling, gages, and fixtures by comprehensive and standard checklist


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